Monday, July 24, 2006

Letting Go

okay seriously did not think I would have a hard time with my kids growing up and getting so big, but I dropped my daughter off this morning for her first ever day camp. She is going to be gone every day this week, all day long. Just that look on her face this morning as she got on the know the one, it says "I am growing up now mom...and it is okay." Anyway I was reminded of this song I heard on 104.1 (the fish) the other day about our kids growing up and finding their wings. Of course it was a tear jerker, kind of like butterfly kisses (cry to that one everytime). I cannot wait to hug my little girl when she comes home and just sit with her and hear all about her day. Funny how that happens, when there here you want them to be gone for awhile and when they leave you want them around. okay enough of my ramblings about growing up...I am so excited for her and I know that after this week is over she will be one step closer to becoming a grown up.