Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Little Slice of Heaven

Love this. Love camping. Love the lake. Love the good times. Love waking up to the sounds of boats on the water. This was a super fun weekend of family, friends and good times. Went to Crescent Lake this weekend with a bunch of friends and had just the best time ever. The kids are super tired and they are covered in dirt, but they had a blast. The first night we froze to death, but then the weather turned around and it was so hot and we spent a lot of time in the lake. The water is a little cold, but when you have the mountains with a little snow on them, the white pumice beach and the crystal clear water...amazing. I just love the photo of Sydnie with her cute wavy hair and brown little body, she decided to that she was going to dig a channel to the shore with a paddle and she worked so hard. Perseverance. Seriously good weekend.