Thursday, July 13, 2006


So I know that first born children are usually the ones that are full of organization, responsiblity and a general good head for planning it all out. But let me tell you little six year old is the queen. Because we are involved in ministries at our church, she has been around a lot of events and I am usually helping in some capacity. When I organized Teddy Bear Picnic, she created her own at home with games and crafts for all of her stuffed animals to do. She likes her toys just so before she can fall asleep (even though her room is still a mess). This last weekend before we went camping, she made a list of things to do before we headed out for camping and then she made a list of everything to bring. . She sat at her desk for quite awhile thinking of all of these things...not once asking for help on spelling the words, most of which are legible. Yesterday I asked her to help pick up some toys that her brother and his friend had left out...she turned to me and said "they just made me responsible to pick them up - and they don't even want to help me!" WOW. She totally gets it. She will always be the responsible one, the one to help her brother, to organize ideas and projects, the one to make sure that everyone is on time and ready to go, she is becoming me! Poor kid. There are some great things about being organized and resposible, but hopefully she will learn to go with the flow and live a little at the same time. Good luck sweetie....I will always be there to guide you thru this grand adventure called life.