Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Swarm

One evening a family of four set off for camping at the last minute...not a lot of planning, but happy to be together. The kids started to get antsy after about an hour of driving and then one had to potty. The father stops into Hoodoo to check for bathrooms and discovers they are closed...so the family stops on the side of the road, since no one is about and piles out of the car, dog in tow. As soon as the doors to the minivan open what should appear, but thousands of mosquitos ready to munch on sweet little children. The screaming starts loud and non-stop!!! The fear is evident in their eyes and faces. The parents scoop up the children and throw them into the van where at least 200 of the little creatures are flying about looking for something to eat. The crying intensifies to the point where the only reaction from mom is laughing (and killing mosquitos). With the windows rolled down and the sound barrier breaking the family drives for a half and hour to the sweet sound of terror. Eventually all the mosquitos are killed off and the children realize we are almost to their destination, when suddenly the sweet loving daughter asks..."Are there bears where we are going?"