Friday, January 29, 2010


so i had seen this article posted by a friend on facebook. i bookmarked it. i finally read it.

interesting concepts in there. all too true that we set our parenting to forumulas given to us by child experts. do we parent by faith? we are judged and we judge others by their parenting skills and how there children are behaving. a couple of key points that spoke to my heart.

"We must proceed, then, on our knees first, beggars before the throne, if we are to parent well."

"Parenting, like all tasks under the sun, is intended as an endeavor of love, risk, perseverance, and, above all, faith."

"It is faith rather than formula, grace rather than guarantees, steadfastness rather than success that bridges the gap between our own parenting efforts, and what, by God's grace, our children grow up to become."

enjoy it if you read it. interested to see what others think about it.


Jules said...

"Are we parenting faithfully?" That is the line that got to me most, b/c there are some days I just want to give up!
A good article for sure, full of elements and thoughts I have had or experienced.