Monday, January 25, 2010

Basketball Season

it feels like i just posted about Upward.........and it has been a whole year!!! i guess that is what happens when facebook takes over your life and your stories do not become as important as farmtown or cafeworld! we are three weeks into basketball and the kids are doing awesome!

noah has really taken to basketball this year. he understands it. he wants to practice. he wants to do his best. his teammates lift him up and tell him what a good job he is doing. he actually gets to touch the ball and make baskets!!!! he is so happy when he is out there.

sydnie is really starting to show that those years of fundamentals work are paying off! she has made several lay-ins! she is rebounding!! not scared to get hit in the face! it is a huge difference from last year even! she really likes playing!

both of the kids have begged thad to play with them during the week, so they can practice and get better! they are both the tallest kids on their team..........i think thad's genes are kicking in!

so thankful for an amazing year! so thankful for thad's patience as he teaches them the fundamentals that will set them up for greatness one day! or not if they choose not to play! i guess i am just thankful that my kids are in a program that believes in lifting up kids and showing them that they are believed in and supported!