Tuesday, August 11, 2009

team jacob

bella and jacob - new moon

i have to admit to you all that i really, truly am a team jacob girl!
i love jacob's character and i am super excited for the new movie
to hit theater's in november! i love that jacob will have such a
big part in this movie and that they decided to keep
taylor lautner in the role. three more months!!!!


Teresa said...

While I will never join the team jacob I do have to admit that he is HOT in this one :)

Rochelle said...

oh man........he is 17!!! that is just wrong teresa!!! ha ha. i have heard that a lot of twilight moms have been about all the bad things they would like to do to him...ha ha. i guess you and i fall right into that category...

kim w. said...

i am soooo excited!! and....if you all go to the midnight showing, i guess i will have to go too!! :)