Saturday, August 15, 2009

Beach Olympics

God's majesty

randal's message....invitation....10 new kids for Christ

worship on the beach @ sunset

matilda - the trophy
the winning team spray paints her the winning teams color

120 kids - ona beach
these kids played hard! lots of games, lots of fun and laughter

i have attended beach olympics one other year and i missed all the games! this year we arrived right at lunch and watched the kids play their games, running back and forth. it was amazing. lots of activity. lots of fun. not too many medical issues. just lots of kids on fire for Christ!

the best part was after dinner we all headed back down to the beach for a time of worship, prayer and an invitation to know Christ! the winning team was team won. each team mate took their turn spraying matilda red! the kids took their seats again with their gold medals gleaming in the sun, the look of winning showing on their smiling faces. they had won beach olympics! as randal walked to the podium the sun slowly faded into the horizon, the worship band led us in some amazing worship, reminding us that God is the creator, the King!

10 kid accepted Christ that day.