Thursday, August 06, 2009

Obsidian Flows - Paulina Lake

our first stop of the day

she really wanted to keep some obsidian

his throne for the day

grandpa and sydnie

noah ran through the flows

noah's "i'm done" booty dance

this year we arrived at crescent lake and it was cold and overcast....not a lot of beach time was going to happen this year, so we decided to go and view the sites in the area. our first stop was the obsidian flows around paulina and east lake. we had never taken the kids there, wanted to make sure that they remembered them. we had a blast. it was perfect weather for a hike. noah and thad went through the flows pretty quickly. sydnie and grandpa and i took our time and looked around. we were trying to find the frogs that migrate through there during august...never found one. sydnie kept picking up obsidian and storing it in her pocket to take home. i think we made it home with 3 small pieces and a fear that the rangers were going to come and find her.