Tuesday, August 04, 2009

my honey dew list

where has the summer gone? it is already the beginning of august and i still have a to do list before i go back to work? the first thing i tackled was the playroom.....i cleaned it, put everything in it's place, put stuff back in storage and within one day noah had the floor covered in playmobile figures and castles. i went through all the kids's school papers and filtered out a bunch and kept a handful and put it in their school boxes. i cleaned my art room (still have about 2 hours worth of shredding to do). got rid of the extra computer and boxes that were cluttering the art room.

but for some reason the simpliest tasks are the ones i have been putting off. going to goodwill. cleaning the baseboards and wiping down all the doors and stairs. cleaning the windows. cleaning the couch cushions. painting noah's bedroom!

why oh why do i wait on the easy stuff. i think it is because if this stuff never happens i will not pull my hair out from frustrations. i will choose to exist with this to do list in the back of my mind and tell myself that someday it will get done! ha ha.

unfortunately we are heading into our busy camping month and none of this will actually get done.......but that is okay!