Friday, July 06, 2007

Camping, the 4th and Grieving

WOW.....what a week. We decided to head up to Suttle Lake for a family camping trip. Just the kids and thad and I. It was great. We had such a good time hiking around the lake, swimming, fishing and playing games. For the first time in our married history I was able to convince thad to roast hot dogs over the fire and eat cereal on the morning we had to pack up and leave. I know that this is very common camping food, but not for us. It has to be good food all the time, nothing simple and easy. Last year I was able to sneak a hamburger helper into our meals camping....he actually went for it. So I did that again this year.....ahhhh freedom to be simple.

When we got home from camping it was time to celebrate the 4th.........I went out to Silverton Days with some friends and shopped around out there. Found this adorable old green bread box and some great pictures to hang upstairs. Then we went swimming and barbeque at my MIL's. and if that was not enough we ran up to the Heinz's and spent the rest of the evening watching fireworks, holding the baby and watching the kids run wild. Some relatives were in town so Sydnie had a great time playing with the girls, because normally it is all boy all the time up there.

But the biggest camera broke while camping. This is some serious grief for me. Taking pictures is like breathing for me. So now we are on the hunt. I really want the nikon d80, but I don't have $1,000 right now. I had just about convinced thad that we should get the nikon d40.........but I think I will have to settle for a simple point and shoot. The stinky thing is that I won't be able to load those pictures from my card to my computer...I will have to go to costco and pay to put them on a cd or just print them.

So that is the skinny over we are going swimming with cousins and then playdate with school friends and raspberry jam. Full day.