Saturday, July 14, 2007

Beachin' It

Just got home from two wonderful days at Pacific City. Julanne and I took the kids over on thursday to hang for the day, but ended up staying the night in a cabin there. It was one of the most perfect two days at the beach ever. The weather was amazing...we all got sunburned, spent the whole day on the sand and played in the ocean. Angela joined us for the day on thursday so we also got to play with the little baby too. The kids "attempted" to make it to the top of the dune, but only to actually did it. Most stopped about halfway up. Yesterday morning we hit the beach on a seashell hunt and came back with a tooth from some sea creature...probably not a shark, but it was fun telling the boys it was. Then in the afternoon, after swimming in the pool and packing up we headed back down to the beach where we tried to park on the beach, but it was packed with at least 50 Dory boat trailers and no room to park my little van.

Kind of weird to take a van out on the beach, would much rather have had the jeep. But we figured it out for the next time we go...park the van on the beach mid-day, bring your food/campstove and eat dinner right there, waiting for the sunset and relaxing in the beach chairs while the kids play. We both laughed when we saw other people doing long have we both lived in oregon and never thought about doing that. I usually would walk on the beach at sunset, but never thought about that cool idea. You learn something new everyday. Who needs a little bonfire on the beach, when you could have your whole car!!! ha ha.

We had such a hard time leaving yesterday...but this is my new beach to go to. I usually head to lincoln city for quick day trips and beverly beach/nye beach in newport for longer stays...but it I fell in love with pacific city. I have been there before many times....but this time just caught my heart. They are building these timeshares there....3 weeks a year for $80,000!!!!!!!!! Sure I can do that. ha ha.

You notice that I have no pictures from this trip and you do not know how much I am dying to have a camera..........but I have been a good girl and I am waiting to hear from Canon to see if they can fix my point and shoot. It is teaching me much patience and wisdom. Actually it was nice to just be in the moment rather than behind the lens all the time. Okay I confess I took a couple of pictures on my phone!!! Couldn't stand it any longer.