Sunday, December 31, 2006

Birthday Girl

So here are a few shots from Sydnie's 7th birthday party....the festivities happened on friday the 29th, but the computer has been giving us a difficult time and so I am posting a little late.....She had a blast with 8 of her little friends. The girls played Dance Praise and made a couple of crafts (an adorable ballet necklace and beaded heart frame). They all really loved the dancing and in between everything they would run upstairs to play air hockey or barbies. This is the first year that I can recall Sydnie being super gracious and saying thank you for every gift and just really nailing the whole hostess thing. She was super. She had her two cousins stay the night and they had a blast opening all the gifts and playing with everything. How did she get to be 7 already? The night before we watched her baby video....she had a lot of fun seeing how little she was and seeing herself grow up. Everyone says that it goes by super fast and they are right....i love you syd.