Sunday, April 09, 2006

so psyched

My one guilty pleasure is this...I own all four seasons of Alias on dvd. I remember the first time I watched it...I thought this girl is doing these amazing things and it filled that void for action in tv land. of course 24 came on at the same time, which i love as well, but jack is jack. I am so excited for the new episodes to start airing!!! one more week. i have been on all the message boards and seen all the photos from the new shows!! Super excited. It is so silly how the simple things keep us going from day to day. I am rewatching season 4 in the break and cannot wait to buy the final season once it hits stores!!! even though these are the final episodes I still can sit down and watch them all over again. GO SYD


imacootie said...

Jack rules! =)