Monday, April 03, 2006

10 Days

Did you know you could actually lose ten days without even knowing it? It is really true, my DD has been down with mono for 10 days, how does a 6 year old get mono? Who was she kissing? It is horrible to watch your child go through fevers of 105* for that long. Multiple trips to the doctors office where they tell you it is just a virus and then finally on the fourth visit in 8 days they tell you it is mono and the test they ran was not accurate on children!!! Many frustrations in this one, but in the end Sydnie is up and running this morning with lots of energy and no fever. So it is true you can lose 10 days, with the curtains drawn, watching movies, filling water cups, taking temperatures, pouring tylenol, not showering for days and being in the same clothes for 4 days. But to come out the back side is amazing, knowing that life is precious; Life is good.


Anonymous said...

Hope she is feeling better. That sounds pretty scary.