Wednesday, September 30, 2009

penguin or person?

my beautiful daughter has decided that this year she is in orchestra....and she was fitted for the cello. i was really hoping for the violin as it is a much smaller instrument, but alas she was fitted for the cello. so we decided to rent from a local music store that is a rent to own situation, so that if she truly falls in love with it eventually it will be ours! but let me tell you, when they brought over this case??? I just about had a heart attack. i don't think that this case could have been any bigger!!!! the amazing thing is that all the rest of her classmates that were chosen for cello have these small cases, not this huge strapped on number! but syd does not want to ruin her we are keeping the monstrosity!!! so we walked to school the first morning of orchestra and by afternoon, my shoulders hurt! because i am a loving mother, i carried it myself. wow!

we now drive on orchestra days!!!!