Wednesday, October 04, 2006

How did this happen?

So I was watching Noah the other day and I realized something.....somewhere along the way I stopped teaching him. I think that as a stay at home mom you take your first child and you teach them everything you to put their socks on, tie their shoes, recognize their alphas, spell their name...but the second child, watch out. I see my son, who is almost 5 years old and the baby of the family, throw a jump up and down fit if I ask him to get dressed. What is up with that? The number one sentence from his mouth is "but I want you to do it" okay maybe that is not a sentence, but you understand. Seriously how did this happen? I think I am so proud that I made it through the first one that I relaxed on the second. Noah came home monday with a sheet from school and he had attempted to spell his was brutal. I remember all summer thinking "I cannot wait for his teacher to show him how to spell his name." Sad but true. I think I just don't know how to motivate him....daughter not a problem. I think this is a common problem with moms or maybe I am just trying it make myself feel better. I can see a whole learn how to "spell your name" teaching thing coming to our home shortly. and maybe a get yourself dressed and well the list could go on and on for him. The real truth is we never stop teaching our kids, my parents still show me truths today in my life. So I guess I better settle into this role, because it lasts for a long time.