Thursday, May 07, 2009

the beach

chickie huts


i love this simple

this guy fishing cracks me is a big fishing community, but usually on boats

love this shot too

couldn't wait to hop on one of these

these sailboats created some beautiful colors against the white sand and stormy skies
the beach. no words describe the beauty. it was amazing. being from the northwest, i am used to rocky shorelines, battered shells and crashing waves. this was the complete opposite. calm waves, tons of shells (whole ones) just littered the beach and the water was beautiful blues and greens. the sand is so fine and soft and was not hot when you walked on it in bare feet. we spent our second morning down on the beach walking in the water and soaking in all the sights and sounds. there were lots of beach activities going on and beach chairs that you could rent and just hang out down by the water. the water was a little murkier than i had anticipated. i was expecting clear, blue-green water and frankly there were not a lot of people swimming in the water.......more people at the pool. it is amazing how much stress and anxiety left my body that morning as we walked on the beach. i could sit there forever watching the waves come in and feeling the sand between my feet.