Friday, May 09, 2008

Girlie Day

Yesterday I got to have a girlie day and it was so amazing! My friend had noah come over for a play date in the morning and said that she would drive him to school, so that I could have a whole day! WOW! I don't even know what that is. Of course by the time I left her house it was 11am....ha ha. I was able to go run a few errands and not have anyone asking for a new toy or telling me they were hungry or tired!

Then my friend called and she was downtown and asked if I wanted to go have lunch with her at the "Wild Pear". I of course jumped on the chance, can you believe I have never been there! It was so pretty inside! and yummy and it was just good to get out of the house and sit for awhile over lunch with a friend. I guess when I go out places lately, they are all mommy places. Places that you would take your kids and it is okay if they yell and scream and trash the place. This was just a girl place. It made me feel like the burden of motherhood was lifted for a short time. Then we went to Meringue and Twig and a couple of other stores downtown. So much fun. I fell in love with twig. so cute. I could have bought many things in that store, but I was so good and just walked away...thinking of all the places I could put the stuff I found.

It was a refreshing day.....a much needed time of renewing.....a chance to let my inner girl out and stuff away the mom facade for awhile! We all need that time to remember what it is like to just be a woman and enjoy a day without children, doing something we enjoy. Unfortunately the day came to screeching "put your mom facade on quickly" relapse when I had to be at the school early to introduce a PTA assembly and deal with a mob of kids who wanted to get autographs from the Cascade Surge Soccer Club. But I can still feel the inner girl, she is in there. Quietly waiting until the next time.....................