Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Hunting We Will Go............

What a perfect day to get a Christmas Tree. As we drove up the hills in to silverton the snow started falling and by the time we hit Reinhart Tree Farm it was snowing full on. The trees surrounding the farm were dusted in a lite snow. So pretty. Good thing we came prepared....all bundled up. I could barely move I had on two coats and a scarf up to my ears....ha ha. Of course yet again, thad walked up to the first tree he saw and said...."this is it, our tree, it's perfect." We were joined by my mom and dad, brother and niece and thad's SIL and kids joined in the fun as well. This year the tree farm added a beautiful "fireplace" along with a great toy train. The kids look forward to the cider, cookies and candy canes. We always take a picture in front of our tree, but this year noah was being cranky so after about 10 shots we were done and just lucky to have him in the picture...can you tell by the looks on our faces. ha ha. Another year, another perfect tree, more great memories.